silent horizons EP (PROMO)


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silent horizons EP (PROMO)


released October 13, 2012



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WILLIAM Kassel, Germany

since 2012

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Track Name: - epic -
Let me help you,
Don't try it on your own,
Important for us,
Is that we stay together,
You may never look away,
Let's take care that everyone is fine.

What has to happen so that we all see?
To bear each other and hate less,
Glance into the sky,
Everyone should worship life and fight for it,
This world where I am going to,
Seems to me to be the perfect place.

Come with me I will help you,
Another World will be waiting for us (is waiting for us),
Let's live there and never forget.
Track Name: - two worlds - (feat. Niklas Müller / Black Heart)
Right here there's a place we both don’t know,
Everything is better than standing her alone,
You have to leave the past forever,
Whatever it will bring.

Where this tends to,
I will feel it in time,
Where this tends to,
I will feel it in time,
Hard to say now,
In this moment.

Take a deep breath,
Close your eyes,
Let´s run.

Take my Hand,
Come with me,
It waits for us.

I`ll go everywhere with you as long as we can.

Even if it´s a long way,
Let´s share all we have,
All we have.

I know I can count on you,
Just like you can count on me,
We will find a way,
Our way out of here.

There will be a new life
There will be a new place
There will be a new home
There will be a new world

This is also new for myself
I know we can pull us through
Where will it be the easiest?
We will find the truth somehow
There is no best of both worlds
This is the moment to decide
Track Name: - all we have -
Dear fragile world,

I write to you to tell you I am sorry for men,
And everything that causes fractures on your thin surface,
Your fatherly demanding for help gets missed
by the sound of your cracking surface,
Your inner structure collapses into cullet’s scratching your lungs.

Your only way to breath is to crush your own cladding,
crush your own cladding
Trying to cut loose from parasitic pieces of your own,
Shrug off the parasite.

How long can you take this anymore?
I try to place your seats new in every flickering thought,
In my pulsating lump to which I have become.

I am trying to cut off the abscess which is threatening my world.
I am trying to cut off the abscess which is threatening my world.

I am slicing myself to help my world to stay alive, knowing that its extinction my last flames, my last energies, but the questions is how else may I help you?
But never mind my friend we will find a new place. A new place to make our own. No matter where around the globe but there will be one! And that is for sure.

We had a hard time and we know it will be harder but I know (…but I will tell you one thing…) I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!